Friday, July 17, 2009

Andrea's 1st perm

I am not sure how she got it in her head, but Andrea begged me for a perm. So my sister-in-law and niece did the job for me, and Andrea is one happy girl. It turned out great, and she absolutely loves it! But I am still getting used to it--when did she grow up?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Recent pictures of my kids

Tyler on his birthday--Spiderman bike and pajamas--it doesn't get better than that for a 4 year old boy!

Lots of pool pictures, or course, it has been over 110 all week!
Ashley loves the waterfall.

My three independent swimmers. They all still think it is fair that they race each other! But they have a lot of fun.

Dad swimming with the kids.

Right before we watched fireworks. We went up to Pinedale an camped for the weekend with Jason's dad and brother's family, then went to a rodeo Saturday night (and ran into some old friends from dental school John and Michelle Bigler), and then sat on the grass and enjoyed the show. Well, Tyler was more interested in the root beer at first.

Our little Ashley

Recent pictures of the many faces of Ashley. She is growing up so much and learning new words and sentences every day. My favorite words to hear her say are "Sure", "Papa" (grandpa), and "Love you". She is so fun! (Most of the time.)

She has learned the words "princess" (the shoes) and "spiderman" (the goggles).

Tyler's aunts gave him some presents for the pool. She claimed them as her own almost immediately.

This was in the middle of a fit. There were a few other pictures with this one, but she looked so funny here to me.

This was when we celebrated Kara's birthday. This was before it was nap time when she was still happy and having fun.