Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Recent Pictures

This was my birthday--Coldstone Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cake was SO good! Kara and Andrea had volleyball practice that night. Kara helped me blow out the candles. Ashley is cheering here.


Tyler--wanting to be like dad.

Ashley loves to just pose!

A recent one of Madison. She is growing up!


Judds R'Us said...

Great pictures!! Happy belated birthday the cake looks yummy!!

mbruceheath said...

Loved the pictures.

Chris and Ruth said...

Cute pictures. I hope you had a good birthday.

Lilit said...

Tina, I can't decide who Madison looks like... what do others say???
So fun to see the other 4 of your kids that I know and love. They are growing fast. Ashley's smile is super contagious... she is a cutie!
Nice cake and flowers too!

Stacey J said...

Wow! I can't believe how much your kids have grown in the short time you have been away from Colorado. Madison is adorable...I think she looks a lot like Tyler; and I love the dark hair! ;o) And happy belated birthday! I wish I could have made you a cake but I'll bet the cold stone was the best! I miss you so much!

The Jones Fam said...

Happy Birthday Tina! You don't look a day over 18! Your kids are so cute! We need to get together soon!