Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jason's Stitches

So last night Jason gets ready to go mountain biking after the kids get in bed, but he gashes open the side of his leg. It was really deep (I will spare you the gross details of that). It is obvious that it needs stitches, since it is 1 1/2 inch wide and 1/2 inch deep. So he decides to stitch them up himself!!!! And he did. He was so proud he took a picture and I told him I would post a picture on the blog! My favorite thing that he said was "It is harder putting stitches in skin than in the mouth. Or maybe it was just because I was doing it on myself." I think it was because he didn't have anything to numb it with!

Our trip

So my pictures aren't in order, but here are some different things that we did before, during, and after my family reunion in Ohio.
(outside of Joseph Smith's family farm)


My kids all got pretty wet, but we were flying home the next day and didn't want to deal with wet swim suits. Ashley's shorts were dripping so she ended up just in her diaper.

The waves were really big because of the wind, but the kids thought it was awesome.
Here is the monument at the Hill Cumorah.

This is where the first copy of the Book of Mormon was published. We loved this site and my kids liked walking on the same floor that Joseph Smith walked.

This is in the sacred grove. Even though we don't know exactly where, it was a very neat experience for my kids.
This is the American Falls behind us. We LOVED the boat ride.
This is before we went on the boat.

We only really got good pictures of the American Falls. There was too much water getting on us at Horseshoe Falls--but they were spectacular!


My girls are modeling the tutus Aunt Becky made with the scarfs that Grandma Heath made.

The beach at the house we stayed at. They are swimming with dad and their cousins.

Our family in front of the temple.

Side view of the temple.

On the steps with cousins at the Johnson Farm. These are the steps Joseph was dragged down when he was tarred and feathered.

We had a great time!!! We were so glad to get to see so many meaningful and fascinating sites. We also enjoyed the chance to be with family for a lot of the trip as well.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's a girl!!!!

Since I finally told my family when I saw them this past week, I figured I might as well officially announce that we are expecting baby #5 right before Christmas. We found out what we were having right before our big trip (I will post pictures later of our travels), but thought I would let you all know! I am now just over halfway, and have been less sick this pregnancy than any of the others! (Thankfully!) Now when I post pictures of our trip, you won't have to wonder about my belly.