Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gingerbread houses

Jason's family tradition is to decorate gingerbread houses together. So we made them FROM SCRATCH (dough Monday, baked and cut Wednesday, and decorated Saturday). Andrea designed all o fit. I just put the frosting on and helped "glue" it all together. For our first time, I thought it turned out just great!

Almost done with the roof:

Finishing up the back, front and sides:
(Yes, I am 8 months pregnant and still smiling for the picture!)

Getting ready to glue gun it together (MUCH faster than using frosting):

Our end result!!!!
This was a week long, but really fun, project for Andrea and me to do together. We had a great time with the girls in Jason's family too and I learned A LOT from all of them! Thanks to the Judd's for a very memorable day!!


Chris and Ruth said...

You guys did a great job on your gingerbread house, it is really cute! That is a lot of work, I have only made them out of graham crackers.

mbruceheath said...

You saved better pictures for your blog. Traditions are nice to have. You should reveal the whole look next time.

Wilson Family said...

Those look like fun. You do not look pregnant at all. I can't wait to see the new one.